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I know, we all wish we could own a Banksy. But investing in a reproduction of Banksy's "Choose Your Weapon" by the talented Leon Shades Ndemo is a decision that combines artistic prestige with a touch of innovation. As an award-winning artist, celebrity photographer, and inventor of The World's Most Expensive Pooper Scooper, Ndemo brings a unique perspective to his creations. His attention to detail and ability to capture the essence of a message is unparalleled, making his reproductions not mere copies but true works of art in their own right. By acquiring a piece by Ndemo, you're not just investing in a famous artwork; you're acquiring a piece of history reinterpreted through the lens of a visionary artist. 

My Dog Barks at Every Little Thing

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Banksy is a revolutionary artist whose work has inspired countless individuals, myself included. His bold and thought-provoking pieces challenge societal norms and provoke meaningful dialogue. One of his iconic works, "Choose Your Weapon," particularly resonated with me. This painting, with its powerful message about the tools we choose to express ourselves, inspired me to recreate it. Adding a red balloon and titling it "My Dog Barks at Everything," I sought to capture the essence of my own experiences and observations. Banksy's influence is profound, and I am grateful for the opportunity to pay homage to his artistry through my creative expression.

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